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what is Diploma in Electrical Engineering?
Diploma in Electrical Engineering is Diploma level Electrical Engineering course. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a certificate/beginner level course in the domain of Electrical engineering and its related aspects. One can pursue the course after completion of his/her class 10th education. The course is of three years duration with a semester-wise system of examination.A diploma course in Electrical Engineering imparts those technical skills and knowledge to the students that transform them into a trained and qualified personnel ready to be a part of industrial manpower. The course teaches various academic and practical aspects related to the domain to the students in a gradual manner.

Eligibility: 10th Pass
Duration : 3 years

SEM 1:
Subject of Study:Applied Science,Applied Mathematics l,Mechanical Engg. Sciences,Elements of Electrical Engg, Applied science lab basic computer skills lab.

SEM 2:
Subject of Study:Applied Mathematics l1,English Communication,Electric circuits,Electronics 1,Computer Aided Engg. Drawing,Electrical Circuit Laboratory,Electronics-1 Lab.

SEM 3:
Subject of Study:Electrical Machines 1,Communication and computer Networks,Electrical and Electronics Measurements,Electronics ll,Electrical Measurements Lab,Electronics Lab ll,Computer Aided Electrical Drawings.

SEM 4:
Subject of Study:Electrical Machines 1l,Electrical Power Generation,Transmission and Distribution,Power Electronics,Electrical Machines Lab,Power Electronics Lab,C-Programmings Lab.

SEM 5:
Subject of Study:Estimation & Specification, Switch gear & Protection,Embedded System(Elective),Electrical Workshop,Embedded System Lab,Electrical Installation design Lab,CASP,Project Work Phase 1.

SEM 6:
Subject of Study:Industrial drives & Control,Utilization of electrical energy & Managements,Basic Management Skill and India constitution,Electric motor control lab,PLC&HDL Lab,Project work Phase ll,Industrial Visit.

After Diploma in Electric Engineering.

Diploma course is not equivalent to Graduation. Graduation course has higher value when compared to Diploma course. Graduation is the next level of higher studies that you can pursue after completion of your three years Diploma course. … Diploma holders can find job opportunities in Railways, Army, Navy, Transco, etc.

Advance Courses in Diploma in Electrical Engineering

*B.E (Electrical Engineering)
*M.E (Electrical Engineering)
*Ph.D (Electrical Engineering)

Jobs After Diploma In Electrical Engineering

*Transformer Design Engineer
*Electrical Design Engineer
*Field Application Engineer
*Verification Trainer
*Technical Trainer
*Environments Specialist
*Teaching Associate

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