Why Study in Canada?
Canada is one of the best destination for Indian students to chose for higher studies, such as MS, MD etc. More than 130,000/- students study in Canada every year, in addition to this there are many who go to Canada to Learn English or French Language.

International Students prepare for studying in Canada.

Chose a Program and School: In Canada, each province and territory is in charge of their own education system:
Post- Secondary Schools:
– Colleges
– Universities
– Private Career Colleges and
– Vocational and technical schools.
Find and Select the school, College or University, Click here

Language Schools:
Learning English and French: Many schools in Canada teach English and French as a Second language.

How to Apply to Study in School, College or University:
Find the
Now that you have chosen the school, college or university, you must apply to go there. Every school has different rules on how to apply.
Make sure you apply at least: – 6 months in advance if you want to study at a primary or secondary school.
– A year in advance if you want to study for a post-secondary program at a university, college etc.

You must contact a school where you want to study to learn on how you can apply to study there.
The school which you chose will be able to tell you about:
– The cost to apply.
– Tuition fees
– Health insurance
– Rent and how much it costs to live in Canada
– Language tests.

Apply to Study in Canada: Apply Now

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