The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad, also known as IIMA), was the second Indian Institute of Management to be established in India after IIM Calcutta. It is considered one of the premier institutes of management education in India and is widely considered to be one of the toughest to get in MBA programmes all over the world.


The campus of IIMA is dominated by the baked brick style favoured by its chief architect, the famous Louis Kahn from Philadelphia. All the structures are designed to be part of a whole and create a red-brick mini-cityscape that attracts many architecture students. Other architects who collaborated on the campus include the renowned B. V. Doshi and Anant Raje. The central brick and grass courtyard in the academic complex at IIMA is named Louis Kahn Plaza, in honour of the chief architect.

The original red-brick IIMA campus and the new concrete-look campus have 25 dorms, each of which can hold 25-44 students in single-person rooms. Each dorm has its own distinctive culture and traditions. A new campus, connected to the old campus via a pedestrian tunnel (which also serves as a photo gallery), opened in 2006. The new campus is just across the road from the old campus and houses 7 of the 25 dorms and some classrooms and seminar halls. The new campus also is the home of the new PGP-X Executive MBA Program. The executive program is the new one year degree offered by the institute and is for people with substantial industry experience. The placements have been extremely successful in the first year itself.

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